If you get nighttime leg cramps, you know how painful they can be. Whether it is your calf, your thigh or even the arch of your foot, you might jump out of bed yelling. You could stretch the offending muscle, hoping that it will relax. Or instead, you might swallow a teaspoonful of yellow mustard for quick relief. How does mustard relieve muscle cramps?

Will Dijon Mustard Relieve Muscle Cramps?

Q. You frequently mention yellow mustard (as well as pickle juice) as a possible remedy for muscle cramps. Is there something about yellow mustard in particular that seems to make it work, or would brown or spicy or coarse ground or country Dijon or honey mustard work as well?

A. There have been no scientific studies of any type of mustard to relieve muscle cramps. Hence, there is no way to judge whether Dijon mustard is better or worse than cheap yellow mustard.

We suspect that mustard works through the same mechanism as pickle juice, olive juice, vinegar, cinnamon or cayenne pepper. Mustard oils contain isothiocyanates that activate transient receptor potential (TRP) channels in sensory nerves in the skin, mouth, throat and stomach (Jordt et al, Nature, Jan. 15, 2004).  Stimulating these nerves sends out a signal that overrides the inappropriate hyperactivity of nerves causing muscle cramps (Craighead et al, Muscle & Nerve, Sept. 2017).

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